Our office volunteers help keep the program going by working on fund raising, promotions, and miscellaneous office activities.

These volunteers are imperative to the health and well-being of our horses.  Our horses require pampering after lessons to keep their muscles relaxed and their minds fresh.  The grooming team's job is to make sure the horses stay "picture pretty".

Wranglers are volunteers who help teach and keep our program safe during our activities at YMCA Camp Reed.  Their responsibilities include horse care and preparation, unmounted instruction, and assisting in the arena and on trails.  Luckily there are perks for the long days:  wranglers stay at Camp Reed, are fed and housed,  and get to participate in evening activities.

Our schooling team members are all experienced horse people willing to exercise the horses on a regular basis.  The schooling team works on different skill sets that the horse needs to know to provide the best rides to our participants.




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This is a very important volunteer position. The leader is very often also the leader of the team that works with an individual horse and rider. We are looking for people who are comfortable with grooming and tacking a horse, able to be relaxed and aware when leading a horse in class and able to stay calm in emergency situations. They must be able to maneuver the horse safely at a walk and a trot and follow the directions of the instructor while being aware of what the rider is doing.


Each rider often will have two side-walkers. The side-walker’s job is to keep the rider safe and secure while on the horse at a walk and a trot. The demands of this position will vary with each rider and their abilities. Along with the safety of the rider the side-walker may also assist the rider in games or in processing directions from the instructor. You do not need horse experience to be a side-walker but this would be a great way to get more experience with horses while assisting the leader with preparing the horse for class.