Hippotherapy, also known as equine-assisted therapy, is treatment that incorporates equine activities with rehabilitative goals related to the patient's needs.  A physical, occupational or speech therapy treatment strategy that utilizes the movement of the horse to address impairments, functional limitations and disabilities in patients with neuromotor and sensory dysfunction.  Hippotherapy is effective in improving quality of life for individuals with disabilities. 
Therapists who work with Horse Heritage are certified by PATH Intl and AHA


Our services are defined as equine-assisted activities, or activities in which the participants and horses are actively involved in the learning process.  Horses act as both teachers and friends for their riders.  Involvement with these magnificent creatures has proven to be a catalyst to help participants learn about themselves and to foster personal growth. 
Every participant sets individual goals and our program directs instruction to reach those goals.  Participants are encouraged to challenge themselves, expand their horizons, and try new activities.



Our workshops include lessons and equine-facilitated learning that are carefully created activities to promote personal development for our students.  All  activities have an experiential approach to personal growth and learning.  Experiential learning refers to a style of learning often described as "learning by doing" that occurs when a person is interacting with their environment.  Participants commonly experience improvements in mental and physical health while learning about horses and themselves, while building skills that are carried into their lives.  Our workshops are therapeutic in nature by adding emotional and cognitive aspects of helping the whole person in a multi-dimensional way.

Adaptive riding is recognized as one of the more progressive forms of therapy because the benefits are to people of all ages with various challenges.  Therapeutic riding is a special world that brings together horses, disabled and disadvantaged riders, caring volunteers and professionals trained in equine-assisted activities.  In the process, the lives of everyone involved are enriched.  By focusing on the ability of the student to learn riding skills, they gain many "hidden" benefits including improved balance, coordination and posture, as well as self confidence and a changing perception about themselves.



Horse Heritage provides a Tuition Waiver

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2021 Rates

Sessions must be paid in full by first class to receive session pricing!

  • TR Session #1 = $90
  • TR Session #2 = $120
  • TR Session #3 = $60
  • TR Session #4 = $120
  • TR Session #5 = $90
  • TR Session #6 = $150

Daily rates or individual lessons are $35 per ride.