Recruiting Horses for Camp

All horses must be reviewed and approved by HHEP staff before the start of camp. Please fill out the following form to add your horse. 

Horse Heritage is looking for beginner safe geldings (preferred, although mares considered) to lease during the summer to work at our summer camp program at YMCA Camp Reed July 11th-August 1st.  Horses must be:

  • Sound
  • Safe for beginner riders for walk and trot work
  • Able to live in a herd environment
  • Able to stand tied at a hitching rail

Our camp program includes students learning basic horsemanship skills in an arena and on the trail.  Horses will be housed at YMCA Camp Reed during camp.  Our camp horses are paid by the hour, on an average 20 hours per week.  Horse Heritage is recognized by PATH Intl and our staff and wranglers follow their standards for horse care and handling.

All horses coming to camp are required to be up to date on hoof care, dental work and deworming.  We STRONGLY recommend vaccinations (5-way + West Nile) are current.